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When Mother Nature does not want to cooperate, the ability to make snow at your ski resort is essential to operate as well as allowing you to extend your operating season.  Snow making also allows you to enhance what nature has already provided.

The process of making snow is simple.  It consists of forcing water and pressurized air through a snow gun, it is a huge electrical expense to produce.  There is two main ingredients in snow production, water and money.  In addition, if it is done with the wrong type of compressor, contaminates such as oil can be introduced to the process causing an environmental issue.

This is where Midstate Air Compressor can help.  With a complete line of high efficiency oil free, Centrifugal air compressors that produce air without the risk of oil contamination, our equipment will help in maintain your snow pack while minimizing your cost of producing snow.

Snow making, Mid State Air Compressor