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Manufacturing facilities utilize multiple forms of process equipment from compressed air systems, blowers, vacuum producers, and process cooling & chiller systems.

In most facilities, you will find compressed air as a source of easy and safe power for the operation of tools and machinery.

Compressed air uses include hand tools, paint and powder coating, stamping, conveying, measurement tools, spindle and tool change operation just to name a few.

Compressed air is referred to as the 4th utility.  Even though all of the above operations require compressed air, the air quality, pressures, and usages are far from alike.  Many facilities employ multiple processes that have varying requirements and levels of air quality needed.

Producing compressed air is very expensive.  If your existing system is under or over engineered, this may cost you thousands of dollars in wasted energy, product contamination, unwanted scrap, and premature equipment failure.

This is where Midstate Air Compressor comes in.  With our knowledge of production and system operation, we can help you select and design compressors, air treatment products, and distribution system specifically for your single or multiple operations.  Our engineered systems will meet or exceed the quality requirements you require utilizing the most reliable and efficient equipment.  Our turn-key installation and piping services ensure the highest quality and most reliable finished product.

Do not forget about energy conservation.  Our systems have efficiency in mind.  From high efficiency compressors and dryers, engineered reduced pressure drop piping designs, high efficiency vacuum systems, blower packages, free cooling and cycling chillers, and heat recovery packages, we have a solution to improve your process and increase your bottom line.

We work directly with the local utilities to combine other energy savings measures that will maximize any available utility incentives under the comprehensive program.

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