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Food and Beverage

Food safety is at the top of the list for all food and beverage producers.  With compressed air contact and non-contact operations, the risk for contamination is always present.  Here at Midstate Air Compressor, we understand Safe Quality Food (SQF) standards and have been offering systems, monitoring, and routine testing for years.

We offer solutions that meet and exceed current SQF standards which include compressed air equipment that deliver ISO 8573-1 Class 0, oil free air.  From the compressor room right to each point of use, our equipment, filtration and monitoring equipment ensure contaminant free production.

We offer regularly scheduled SQF quality testing of your compressed air.  This testing will establish a baseline of your compressed air and with continuous monitoring, can prevent the possibility of contamination and possible microbial growth in your compressed air lines.

We provide Nitrogen and vacuum systems for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) which allows your products to maintain freshness and extend shelf life.

One of our areas of expertise has been providing equipment and services for breweries and wineries that produce, can, and bottle.  We offer chillers for flash cooling, Nitrogen generators for sweeping the containers and blanketing product, as well as packaged systems for keg washing.  We also offer high pressure PET blow molding systems for packagers that produce manufacture their own bottles.


Today’s plastic and injection molding facilities utilize multiple processes which require compressed air, vacuum, and cooling typically in an around the clock operation.  These operations are high precision and very demanding.

Typical operations require compressed air for removal of product from molds and operating robots, to high pressure compressed air for bottle blowing with high purity levels for food and medical operations.

Here at Midstate Air Compressor, we offer the equipment and systems designed specifically for your industry.   Our multiple lines of highly reliable and energy efficient low and high pressure, lubricated and oil free compressors are specifically designed for this environment.   Our engineered turn-key, high efficiency and free cooling chillers, dry fluid coolers, evaporative cooling towers, and pump skids are designed to keep your molds cool and maintain hydraulic oil temperature on your molding machines.

Food and Beverage, Mid State Air Compressor