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Facility and Climate Control

What does a small office complex, a large powerhouse, or multi-story high rise all have in common?  The need to supply control and instrument air to all of their HVAC thermostats, valves, and switches that operate controls in these facilities.

Today’s high efficiency buildings utilize a multitude of controls and zones to optimize their heating and cooling requirements.  Powerhouses and physical plants utilize this air to control steam and chilled water valves along with air dampers.  This is a 24/7 requirement.  All need a clean, dry, and reliable source of compressed air which is important now more than ever.

This is where Midstate Compressor comes in.  We provide climate control and instrument air packages that meet the highest levels of reliability and the purity needed to meet these stringent demands.  From design, installation, and implementation, you can count on Midstate Air Compressor to keep your facility up and running.

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