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Industries Served

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace manufacturing is one of the most demanding industries with critical tolerances that need to be consistently met as maintaining commercial and consumer safety is critical

High quality and reliable compressed air in your facility is crucial to maintain current quality and government regulations.  This is where Midstate Air Compressor comes in.  We offer a complete line of high efficiency compressed air products and systems that are designed to meet these stringent requirements.

When process validation is required, our systems provide from a minimum ISO 8573-1 grade 1.4.1 for your general facility air to high purity air for precision equipment such as your Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) or you CNCs.

We offer packaged Nitrogen generators allowing you to produce your own Nitrogen from your compressed air system with purity levels up to 99.999{fa6f61895bfaf0255f52161742df77f28bb96c1fea1e3c67b95f06e9be819301} for use in such applications in your molding operation or test labs.

Does your process require vacuum?  Our offerings cover multiple vacuum technologies for every vacuum application from part hold down, composite bonding in your Autoclave, and degassing.

Midstate Air compressor has the knowhow and the systems that fit your specific requirements.

Aerospace Industry, Mid State Air Compressor