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Our Facility

What does a small office complex, a large powerhouse, or multi-story high rise all have in common?  The need to supply control and instrument air to all of their HVAC thermostats, valves, and switches that operate controls in these facilities.

Today’s high efficiency buildings utilize a multitude of controls and zones to optimize their heating and cooling requirements.  Powerhouses and physical plants utilize this air to control steam and chilled water valves along with air dampers.  This is a 24/7 requirement.  All need a clean, dry, and reliable source of compressed air which is important now more than ever.

This is where Midstate Compressor comes in.  We provide climate control and instrument air packages that meet the highest levels of reliability and the purity needed to meet these stringent demands.  From design, installation, and implementation, you can count on Midstate Air Compressor to keep your facility up and running.

Parts & Inventory

Air Compressors have become such an important component for a variety of industries in today’s era. MidState Air Compressor has built an indisputable reputation for serving a wide rang of industries and providing high quality industrial air compressor parts.

warehousing inside facility
inside facility

Shipping & Receiving

We specialize in the design, installation, servicing and distribution of compressed air systems. Our team of trained technicians have years of experience and the knowledge to resolve any of your air compressor issues quickly and efficiently. Emergency 24/7 service is just a phone call away and we are more than happy to help.

Warehouse Repair

MidState Air Compressor is committed to providing timely, dependable and affordable service in central Connecticut for all of your air compressor needs. Our experienced team of technicians is capable of servicing small to large air compressors of varying types and for different applications. We also offer 24/7 emergency service as well as rental units to prevent any down time in your business due to an air compression system failure. Portable air compressors can be serviced at your facility or ours located in Berlin, CT.

worker performing warehouse repair
warehouse stock

Warehouse Stock

MidState Air Compressor stocks and sources parts for a wide range of industrial and commercial air compressors. We carry all major components and maintenance parts for air compressors. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide hard-to-find air compressor parts. Need more help? We are ready to help get your compressed air system back up and running. Please contact us for service or call our emergency hotline if you need emergency air compressor service after hours.