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Pump Rentals

Midstate Rents offer a wide variety of WEDA Submersible pumps to rent or buy. Our pumps can move water from 117 gallons per minute up to 700 gallons per minute. They range from 1.3 horsepower to 11.5 horsepower. We cover all your submersible pump needs. Weights ranging from 27 pounds up to 138 pounds, these WEDA pumps are robust and heavy duty. They come ready to plug, pump, and work. The design of the pumps outer jacket keeps it cool and running safely under various conditions.

Located conveniently in the center of Connecticut on the Berlin Turnpike, MidState is here to help.

Pump Rental Features

 Some of the most commonly used applications for these pumps are:

  • Excavations in constructions areas
  • General de-watering requirements at shipyard and other industrial sites
  • Utility installations and repairs
  • Maintenance and clean-up tasks in urban areas
  • Government and military response and preparedness program

Please stop by our office located conveniently in the center or Connecticut on the Berlin Turnpike to see what we have for options.

We offer our rental units anytime day or night 24/7 for emergency breakdowns or jobs that run third shift.
Small WEDA dewatering pumps range
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