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Air Compressor Rentals & Tools

MidState Rents is committed to providing the highest quality, most reliable, products and services always at affordable rates to our customers. We offer industrial and commercial air compressors and tools to assist on any job site or breakdown. Whether you own a construction company with five employees or a manufacturing plant which employs five hundred, we’re here to help.

We offer and house a wide variety of compressors for rent ranging from diesel portables 110CFM all the way up to Electrical 200HP industrial units creating 1100CFM. MidState offers tools, hoses, and accessories to get your job site up and running as fast as possible.

Located conveniently in the center of Connecticut on the Berlin Turnpike, MidState is here to help.

Air Compressor Rental Features

We carry various styles of air compressors, but the high quality of our products remain the same. Common features include:

  • Diesel Portable Units
  • Oil Free and Oil Less
  • Air or Water Cooled
  • Variable Speed
  • Fixed Speed
  • Base or Tank Mounted
    and more!
We offer our rental units anytime day or night 24/7 for emergency breakdowns or jobs that run third shift.
red air compressor trailer
Tool Rental- MidState Compressors CT
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Air Compressor Specifications

Electric Motor Driven

CFM                 Pressure Range*           Motor Horsepower  
20 80-125 psi 5
40 80-125 psi 10
60 80-125 psi 15
80 80-125 psi 20
98 80-125 psi 25
200 80-125 psi 50
340 80-125 psi 75
450 80-125 psi 100
670 80-125 psi 150
785 80-125 psi 200
900 80-125 psi 200

Diesel Engine Driven

CFM Pressure Range*
110 80-150 psi
185 80-150 psi
250 80-150 psi
375 80-150 psi
400 80-150 psi
750 80-150 psi
900 80-150 psi
1600 80-150 psi

*Volume flow will be at a specific pressure. Some models have adjustable flow and pressure

gardner denver l37rs

Other Options

  • Emergency, temporary or standby air
  • Possibility to rent with an option to buy
  • Long and short term rentals
  • Our equipment is serviced by our highly trained technicians to make sure it remains in optimal condition, and is checked thoroughly before being delivered to your location.
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