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OEM Lubricants


air-compressor-oil-lubricantMidState Air Compressor (MAC) has built an indisputable reputation for expertise in supplying air compressor lubricants and an in-depth knowledge of the applications that you will encounter every day. Our understanding of the lubrication requirements of these systems combined with superior blending techniques allow us to provide lubricants of the highest quality. It’s how we can deliver on and exceed your expectations with the best lubrication products possible.

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Air Compressor Parts

MidState Air Compressor stocks and sources parts for a wide range of industrial and commercial air compressors.


Our MidState Air Compressor line of air compressor oils and lubricants is identical to much more expensive oem lubricants for compressed air systems. Inquire about the right oil for your air compressor and save money. Should you prefer, we also carry oem air compressor oils and lubricants from major manufacturers.

Air Compressor Parts

We carry all major components and maintenance parts for air compressors including but not limited to:

  • air/oil separatorsMK246pump Schematic-sm
  • oil filters
  • air filters
  • gaskets
  • heat exchangers
  • minimum pressure valves
  • replacement airends
  • piston rods
  • valves
  • crossheads
  • pistons
  • rings
  • crankshafts
  • complete overhaul kits
  • chillers
  • vacuum pumps

Hard to Find Air Compressor Parts

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide hard-to-find air compressor parts. Please fill out our request a quote form and include the model, make, serial, and part of your air compressor.

Air Compressor Part Installation

Need more help? We are ready to help get your compressed air system back up and running. Please contact us for service or call our emergency hotline if you need emergency air compressor service after hours.